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CONDOR Soil Stabilizer controls the moisture content of clay soils. It will increase the soils support value or strength and significantly reduces their tendency to shrink and swell. As a proven stabilization compound, it has been used on unpaved roads throughout the world for decades, as well as by many North American Governmental agencies, contractors, engineers, and developers.

CONDOR Soil Stabilizer works by changing a soil's basic electrochemical nature, which inhibits its ability to associate with water. In untreated soils, clay platelets have a negative charge that attracts and bonds with positively charged water molecules. CONDOR Soil Stabilizer has a far stronger positive charge than water and replaces the water bonded to soil particles. The freed water drains or evaporates from the soil.

      Untreated clay sample  SS Treated Sample     

Oklahoma dried clay         Same dried clay sample

 sample untreated          treated with Condor SS

Our company uses this product to inject in the soil around home foundations and other sites to minimize the heaving and shrinking associated with highly expansive soils. Our brochure contains additional information.

Key Benefits

  • Can be installed after construction in many areas using injection through small holes.

  • Most economical method to control clay expansion and contraction

  • One time application is permanent

  • Quick application that will not impede the construction schedule

  • Most economical method to control clay expansion and contraction

  • Environmentally safe for plants, animals, and people     

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