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Condor LR

Microbes to the rescue!!


Land Reclamation & Toxic Waste Cleanup

  • Soil contamination from petrochemicals a problem?
  • Are you being fined from toxic wastes?
  • Needing a cost and naturally effective solution to cleanup tight clay soils?
  • Cap, excavation, and incineration far to expensive?

Even in the best of circumstances, accidents happen!

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Bioremediation - The Power of Microbes !

Condor Land Relcaimer® is a proven bioremediation product for cleanup of petrochemical products. It has been proven to work extremely well on hydrocarbons commonly found in fuels such as gasoline and diesel. However, it also performs on complex hydrocarbons such as PAH’s, EDTA, and chlorinated hydrocarbons. CONDOR Land Reclaimer® has been deemed by EPA approved laboratories as safe for use in and near groundwater. As a bonus, our process cleans up ground water, eliminating concerns of ground water discharge during dewatering.

There are a number of bioremediation products on the market that will stimulate microbe growth in soils. Unfortunately, they are not as effective in tight clay soils. Why? Clay soils have such a tight structure that microbes and the necessary oxygen are not present in adequate levels to work effectively. That is where Condor LR comes in. One of the benefits of the Condor product line is that it can break up the tight clay allowing the soil to breath and thus enhance microbial activity. Condor LR has been used with some of the more popular remediation products to enhance their effectiveness in tight clay soils. Without a product like Condor LR, standard products and methods may take years for bioremediation to reduce toxins to acceptable levels.

How fast will it work?

CONDOR Land Reclaimer® is able to clean-up soils in 4 to 6 weeks that would normally take months or even years using methods like excavation/incineration and aeration. It is simply safer, faster and more cost-effective than any other method currently available, especially in tight clay soils. With a product like CONDOR Land Reclaimer® available, it just doesn’t make good business sense to take chances with our environment. Last century’s technology simply isn’t good enough for responsible organizations striving to be good stewards of our environment, and entities are being held responsible for cleanup years, or even decades, after a spill. Clean it up right the first time, and move forward in confidence.

How is it applied?

CONDOR Land Reclaimer® is mixed with water and can be mixed in with the contaminated soil. If the contamination exists at a deeper subsurface levels, the Land Reclaimer® solution can be injected under pressure to greater depths. The injection method is especially applicable to sites such as gas stations and other locations were buried tanks have been found to have leaked. Soil Stabilization of Oklahoma can provide this solution injection for you.

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More Information

For more information you can download a brochure and material safety data sheet. You can also find more information at the Earth Science Products website. Soil Stabilization of Oklahoma can provide sale and application of this product if you desire.


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