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Wood's Compound


Cracked dry clay soil

Solution !!
Condor AG

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AgricultureCondor LR

Clay soils reduce the ability for plants to grow. Soils can become to tight for root growth or nutrient uptake. Condor LandLife (AG)® is a product specially designed for the production agriculture industry. It improves clay soil so that plants can achieve their maximum growth potential.  Used extensively on golf courses, lawns, commercial agriculture fields, and home gardens.
The Wood's Rooting Compound is used for increased production and development of cuttings, etc.


  • Releases harmful salts from the soil
  • Provides permanent formation of granulated soil so that it drains better
  • Normalizing of Ph level in the soil
  • Can increase cation exchange capacity by 50% and can double the hydraulic water conductivity (Lab report)
  • Suppression of harmful bacteria by improving drainage
  • Enhanced activation of fertilizers resulting in less fertilizer requirements
  • Reduced use of water
  • Increase crop yield in tight clay soils

Mixed with water and can be sprayed on to an area by hand using hose sprayers, watering cans, or injected into irrigation systems. Mixes at 200:1 ratio of product to water. One gallon of product can treat 3.5 acres.

Pricing: $9.00 per pint, $45 per gallon, $620 per 15-gallon drum (Quantity discounts available. Call us.)

Shipping charges and tax not included. Local delivery in Tulsa, no shipping charge.

Great for garden and lawn turf improvement and plant propagation in tight clay soils !!!

Condor Landlife is just another great product manufactured for over 40 years by Earth Science Products, Oregon. It has been used by forest services, farmers, and golf course maintenance companies plagued by old tight clay soils.

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