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Earth Friendly Products


As our commitment to products that perform and satisfy our customers, Soil Stabilization of Oklahoma is proud to be a distributor and applicator of the following soil stabilization and soil enhancement products.

   Condor SS   Condor SS®

Condor SS is a registered product of Earth Sciences Corporation designed to control the expansion and contraction problems associated with clay soils.  We could refer to this as "The Condor SS Effect". This product provides the ultimate solution to building foundation stabilization in soils that have significant quantities of clay soil.

Why Is Clay A Problem?
So, What Is Remedial Soil Stabilization?

Condor AG   Condor AG LandLife®

Condor AG LandLife® is a product specially designed for the production agriculture industry. It improves clay soil so that plants can achieve their maximum growth potential. It does this by:

Great for lawn improvement and propagation!!!

For a full Condor AG application brochure, click here.


Condor    Condor Digester®

Condor Digester has been produced and distributed for over 15 years to chemically ‘pre-digest’ organic wastes and maintain a healthy, odor free environment in septic tanks, vault toilets, sludge pits, hog farms and even sewage treatment facilities.


Condor Land Reclaimer   Condor Land Reclaimer®

Condor Land Reclaimer is a product used to initiate and accelerate the cleanup of soil contaminated with hydrocarbon products. Dead, lifeless, and useless soil can become productive again.

Condor Land Reclaimer promotes a favorable environment for native bacteria growth. How? By assisting in creating an Aerobic, or oxygen rich, environment where the bacteria can thrive. So much so, that these incredible microorganisms continue to clean the soil even after the contamination is eradicated! Once the process starts, it is self-feeding and increases at an incredible rate. Meanwhile, Condor Land Reclaimer® works to stimulate a mild biodegradation, a natural process much like composting, that attacks dead organic matter, including all petroleum-based materials, such as fuels, pesticides, herbicides, termiticides, and many other derivatives.


Wood's Rooting Compound   Wood's Rooting Compound®

Wood's Rooting Compound has been used for decades for plant propagation by nursery's and do-it-yourselfers. This product can double root production of cuttings during early growth