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Cracked dry clay soil

Homeowner Services

If you think your home is experiencing foundation problems, we can provide analytic testing services to determine if the home is moving due expansive clay soil or if some other problem exists.

If you are buying a home, building a new home, or buying a lot for a new home, please check with us first. For less than $100 we can advise you on the soils where you are planning to build and whether special considerations need to be made in the construction of the home. Far too many homes will have foundation movement from clay soils that will eventually move the home and cause cosmetic and significant damage to the home. We can also work with your architect or structural engineer to ensure the foundation design will be adequate for your site.

We also have the ability to perform elevation surveys of your home floor or foundation so that if there is any future movement the initial survey can be used by us or others to determine the proper solution for your home. These surveys with report can be peformed for $500 or less depending on the home size.


Product Installation and Costs

Our crews can install the Condor line of soil injection products (SS, LR, and AG) in a very cost effective manner. Installed costs for Condor SS are typically are less than 10% of pier installation. Most existing home foundations can be satisfactorily stabilized by merely treating the perimeter region of the home. That is because the perimeter is where most of the cyclic moisture changes occur. Thus, for those homes requiring only perimeter foundation stabilization the costs will normally be less than $90 per lineal foot of perimeter around the home. For most homes in the Tulsa metropolitan area with 2,500 square-feet of living space (200 feet of perimeter) this could be about $7,200. Treatment of a new pad-site for a building or home will typically cost less than$4.00 per square-foot.

For the same or less cost than the floor covering in a home, you can have the peace of mind that clay soils are not going to damage your home or building.

Installation process

The photos below depict the equipment and process for treating the perimeter of the home or building. Hydraulic jetting is used to inject an environmentally safe mixture that is mostly water into the clay soil. There are no deep holes that must be dug or vegetation that must be moved. Plantings and shrubs can be injected around the base of the plant with no significant damage to the plant other than possibly the severing of very small areas of the root structure. Unlike other foundation piering, we do not have to relocate plans. The chemical has no adverse effects on plants or trees.

After injection a small 1 inch diameter hole will remain but this hole will close up over time with watering and normal rainfall.  These holes are typically spaced about 30 inches apart. If you require injection into soil beneath a concrete floor slab or pavement, we drill a 1-inch hole and then fill the hole with concrete patching material.

We can use this same injection process for Condor SS, Condor AG, and Condor LR.

There is even a possibility for do-it-yourself.

Injection photo                         Safe to Use

The next photos show the process for injection of a pad-site for a new home or building. The flags are placed at all of the planned injection points which represent 6-8 feet of depth of treatment. Yes, that is a lot of injection points! After injection of the point, the flags are removed. The process can even be done after placement of the footings, although injection prior digging footings is preferred.


The treatment process for the average existing home takes about 6-9 days. We then monitor the home over a period of 5-6 months to ensure that either the movement has ceased or is diminishing to the point where repairs can be made to the walls and floors of the home. At that point, we can offer the warranty to the owner.
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