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Cracked dry clay soil

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Sooner or later you will call us to fix your foundation and roadway movement problems !!!

Buying our building a home or commercial building? Check with us first. We can provide free analysis of your soils to avoid costly future repairs or purchase mistakes. Nothing worse than buying a home where cosmetic touch up hides future problems.

 We can give you a free soil analyis to determine if you need to be on the lookout for foundation movement prior to building or buying.

Why check with us first?

Our company is not your typical foundation or roadbed stabilization company.

We treat the problematic soil that caused the foundation or road bed movement and damage!

Most foundation, roadway, and flat conrete (e.g. patios, sidewalks, etc.)movements in Oklahoma and many other parts of the country are caused by expansive clay in the soil. As a result, most foundation stabilization services do not fix the underlying cause of your foundation moving during wet-dry cycles of nature. Our company provides the final solution to fix this problem by stabilizing the clay soil that creates the problem. The process we use is that of environmentally safe electro-chemical stabilization of the clay particles to change the characteristics of the clay essentially that of non-expansive soil. While other foundation repair companies can move a sunken or displaced foundation or slab back into place, most of them cannot stop the movement caused by the clay soil. This results in money wasted on temporary "band-aid" solutions. How does electro-chemical stabilization work?    

       As a home owner:

If so, the products and services of our company can reduce these movements to acceptable or even imperceptible levels for less money than your standard 6-8 pier patch job. That is correct! For much less than the cost of flooring in your new  home, you can halt this aggravating and costly damage.

      As a commercial property owner:

     As a builder or developer:

If so, the products and services of our company can lower your construction costs and improve the performance of any foundation design.

   Source of Problem:

cracked stem wallThis seasonal in and out, back and forth, up and down movement is commonly caused by large amounts of clay particles in the soil. It has been estimated by the Department of Housing and Urban Development that unstable soils create more damage annually in the United States than all of the natural disasters combined. In the year 2000, it was estimated that this damage exceeded $10 billion.

Soil Stabilization of Oklahoma is a distributor and installer of Condor SS®. Condor SS is a product produced by Earth Science Products Corporation designed to stabilize clay soils.  It works through a process of electro-chemical stabilization of the clay soil particles.

Many regions within Oklahoma and other states contain high concentrations of clay within the soil. The clay soil can create problems for home owners and commercial property owners. There is nothing worse to a home or building owner that to have doors or windows that constantly need adjustment or cracks that constantly need repair because of foundation movement from wet to dry cycles. Keep in mind that if your building foundation was not built with a non-expansive backfill internal and external to the footings, (and many of them are not) you may still experience horizontal movement of your building foundation. Piers and other fixes for vertical movement may not stop the horizontal movement. In fact, many after the fact pier fixes do not solve the problem because the foundation was not reinforced or improperly constructed  for these piers to be effective. We treat the entire building foundation or floor slab. We do not do partial stabilization of the structure because it does little good to stabilize one portion that move due to seasonal movement. If only one portion of the structure is stabilized and the other portion is not, the damage will simply move around the home or building due to the continued movement. Don't worry though. Our treatment of the entire perimeter or area under a building is much, much less, than partial treatment by other means. To find out how our products can minimize or reduce this movement to negligible amounts, see our pages on services or products.

Our Mission

We at Soil Stabilization of Oklahoma are committed to our customers in providing products and services that provide long term, cost effective, solutions to reduce foundation movement caused by the expansive effects of clay soil. To accomplish this mission, we will not install or sell products that are ineffective and impermanent.

Company History

Soil Stabilization of Oklahoma was formed in 2009 by an engineer who was frustrated with residential home foundation movement. After trying to stabilize the movement for years with expensive foundation watering systems (and expensive watering bills) and tree removal, it was decided that moisture control by any economical  means was impractical. Pier installation was considered to be an expensive and many times ineffective solution to stabilizing homes with poorly constructed foundations. As a result of much research of products used to stabilize clay, the perfect product for home and commercial use was finally found.  After researching various treatment methods and materials, the electro-chemical product Condor SS appeared to be the only promising and economical method for fixing existing structures .

However, just finding an electro-chemical soil treatment product did not satisfy this engineer. Testing results from various geotechnical groups stated that results from some of these products to be very marginal or even ineffective in long-term control of clay expansion and contraction. Thus, independent testing began on at least one of these products, Condor SS®, using test methods that duplicated those actual conditions found under homes and commercial buildings. These test results will be published and described on other pages of this website.

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